Gum Nut Meringue - Ltd Ed Print 1/50

$ 1,350.00

$ 1,350.00

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Hand crafted Tasmanian Oak floating frames, perfectly fit to size. Choose from Natural Oak, White and Black.

Gum Nut Meringue – Ltd Ed Print 1/50 In this delicate and vibrant composition, the canvas comes alive with the beauty of pink gum nut flowers. The soft hues of pink create a gentle and calming atmosphere, while the intricate details of the flowers capture the eye with their graceful elegance. The play of light and shadow adds depth to the composition, highlighting the subtle nuances of each petal and stem. The overall effect is a celebration of nature's beauty, depicted with a touch of grace and tranquillity. Printed onto gallery stretched canvas using archival inks. Printed on demand, please allow 10-14 days for shipping. Supplied with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

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