Artist Wendy Peters

Wendy Peters

Wendy is a self-taught artist, whose unconventional journey led her to discover her true calling. Her diverse experiences in the creative industries, ranging from owning a women's clothing business to restoring historic homes and practicing cosmetic tattooing, have collectively shaped her artistic path.

In 2019, Wendy took a sabbatical from her cosmetic tattooing business, during which she rekindled her deep affinity for nature. This transformative period marked the inception of her artistry, as she first picked up a paintbrush, and she has never looked back since.

Wendy's artistic expression is an embodiment of her profound passion for the natural world and her commitment to promoting positivity, well-being, and vitality. Whether she engages in a realistic style or delves into abstract pieces with abundant texture, Wendy's central objective remains consistent: to capture the enchanting beauty and magic of our world and introduce it into people's homes.

Through her art, Wendy aspires to evoke joy, wonder, and a profound sense of meaningfulness. Her creative exploration knows no bounds, as she constantly experiments with various mediums to encapsulate the organic forms, textures, and fragility of the natural world. Wendy's ultimate aspiration is that her art instils a sense of serenity and connection in all those who encounter it.


Dream Home Featured Artist - 2024 Channel 7

Art Lover Australia: Artist to watch 2024

Finalist: Petite Pieces - Aspire Gallery - 2024

Finalist: The Toowoomba Gallery - The Next Big Thing Award - 2023

Finalist: Lethbridge Gallery - 20000 Small Artworks Award - 2023

Finalist:  Art Lovers Australia Award - 2022

Finalist: Dogs During Covid – Sally Cuthbert Gallery - Sydney 2021


Feature - Home Design Magazine - Vol 26 Autumn 2024

Feature and Cover:  “In Noosa” Magazine – Winter 2022


Blooms and Birds Exhibition – Stevens Street Gallery – Yandina - 2023

Affordable Art Fair Melbourne 2023 - with Stevens Street Gallery

Wendy's work is held in private collections in Australia and internationally.


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