Artist Wendy Peters

Wendy Peters

As a self-taught artist, Wendy Peters has followed a winding path to arrive at her true calling.  From working in fashion to restoring historic she has always been connected to creativity.

Wendy seeks to capture the delicate dance of nature’s bountiful blooms and their sublime beauty. Wendy’s artistic journey is an exploration of the intricate details, the vibrant hues, and the hidden stories nestled within botanicals.

Wendy’s still life paintings also focus on everyday objects that often go unnoticed, the beauty in the mundane, such as a simple wonky clay pot, or old glass jar and its mesmerising reflections, a tea cup. Highlighting their beauty through vibrant colours, intricate brushwork, and imaginative compositions. By elevating the ordinary, Wendy hopes to convey that every objects hold inherent value and hidden stories, and create the perfect subject for her artistic inspiration.

Through her work, Wendy invites you to join her on this visual journey. To immerse yourself in a realm where the organic and the man made intertwine, creating a visual tapestry that evokes a sense of wonder, tranquillity and boundless imagination.

Finalist: The Toowoomba Gallery - The Next Big Thing Award - 2023

Finalist: Lethbridge Gallery - 20000 Small Artworks Award - 2023

Featured Artist: Blooms and Birds Exhibition – Stevens Street Gallery – Yandina - March 2023

Finalist:  Art Lovers Australia Award 2022. 

Finalist: Dogs During Covid – Sally Cuthbert Gallery - Sydney. 

Feature and Cover:  “In Noosa” Magazine – Winter 2022. 

Gallery representation:  Jive Gallery, Noosa – 2021. 

Immanuel Arts Festival – 2022.


Collectors of Wendy's art include people in the USA, Australia and the UK.


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