Artist Wendy Peters

Wendy Peters

As a self-taught artist, I’ve followed a winding path to arrive at my true calling.  From owning a women’s clothing business to restoring historic homes to practicing cosmetic tattooing, my experiences in the creative industries have all led me to this moment.

In 2019, I took a break from my successful cosmetic tattooing business and rediscovered my love of nature.  I picked up a paintbrush for the first time and haven’t looked back since.  My art is an extension of my passion for the natural world and my desire to promote positivity, wellbeing and vitality.

Whether I’m working in a realistic style or using lots of texture to create abstract pieces, my goal is always the same: to capture the beauty and magic of our world and bring it into people’s homes.  My current series of paintings, "Vessels", explores how we’ve used nature’s resources throughout history to create useful products and enhance our lives.

Through my art, I seek to inspire joy, wonder, and meaningfulness.  I’m constantly experimenting with different mediums to capture the organic forms, textures, and fragility of the natural world.  My hope is that my art brings a sense of peace and connection to all who encounter it.

Featured Artist: Blooms and Birds Exhibition – Stevens Street Gallery – Yandina _ march 2023

Finalist:  Art Lovers Australia Award 2022. 

Finalist: Dogs During Covid – Sally Cuthbert Gallery - Sydney. 

Feature and Cover:  “In Noosa” Magazine – Winter 2022. 

Gallery representation:  Jive Gallery, Noosa – 2021. 

Immanuel Arts Festival – 2022.


Collectors of my art include people in the USA, Australia and the UK.


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